Why Buy Nutri-West

Good Manufacturing Practices

Nutri-West manufacturing is run and governed under the rules of the Federal GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice Act) and is inspected at regular intervals by the Food and Drug Administration. - Nutri-West manufacturing received the FDA Blue Ribbon Award for Excellence. The Wyoming FDA uses the Nutri-West GMP book as the standard for the Wyoming FDA Good Manufacturing Practice Manual. - Nutri-West has a new, state-of-the-art manufacturing facility with ultra-modern processing and manufacturing equipment.

Quality Ingredients

All raw materials used in manufacturing of the products are supported by a certificate of analysis, which guarantees potency by the raw material manufacturer (i.e. pharmaceutical grade for vitamins and minerals and certified grade for herbs). Certification of the herbs guarantees that the pharmacologically active parts of the plants are used. At regular random intervals these samples are sent to independent laboratories for analysis. - All herbs and food concentrates are Certified Organically Grown whenever available. - All glandular sources are from certified bovine sources. - All nutrients are tested for heavy metal toxicity and contamination by independent certified laboratories. - No artificial preservatives, colorings, additives, flavorings, or stabilizers are used in manufacturing. - Our products are the most hypoallergenic products possible. We carefully avoid common allergy-reactive substances including wheat, yeast and corn. - Nutri-West's concern with quality extends to the environment as well. Substantial measures are taken to make sure that the manufacturing operations keep the air and water of Wyoming pure and clean. Packaging is kept to an absolute minimum and is made of recyclable materials. - All tablets meet the U.S.P. proposed disintegration standards of 40 minutes in water at 37 degrees Celsius, using a standard suspended agitation device. - All enteric coated tablets are tested to disintegrate by U.S.P. guidelines.


Quality and service are paramount at Nutri-West. They are an internationally recognized leader in the nutritional supplement field, serving licensed healthcare practitioners. Nutri-West’s products follow the law of synergy. The way the body has evolved means that isolated nutrients cannot alone improve health. Only multiple interactions amongst nutrients can be truly beneficial. Equally, nutritional supplements should be chewed--like any other food. Insalivation aids digestion, and tells the nervous system what is entering the body, hence the fact that nutrients in tablet form are by far the most effective. Nutri-West not only provides an extraordinarily diverse range of supplements, but also conducts international seminar programs to help keep the practitioner up to date on the latest nutritional findings. Supplying supplements exclusively to licensed professionals, Nutri-West really is the professional choice. To enhance your general well-being, do not fail to consult your practitioner about an appropriate nutritional supplement course to meet your specific needs.


Nutri-West does not sell to health food stores, supermarkets, drug stores or any other retail outlets or online department stores.  All Nutri-West products are sold exclusively to licensed and/or certified healthcare professionals. - Nutri-West manufacturing facility has been in active operation since 1982 and provides quality nutritional supplements to distribution centers throughout the United States, Canada, Netherlands, Europe, Africa, New Zealand, Australia and Taiwan. - The sole focus of operations at Nutri-West is to provide quality nutritional products to healthcare providers so they can optimize the well-being of their patients/clients. - Nutri-West believes firmly in quality education and provides the most up-to-date educational materials and seminars.


Our fundamental focus is patient wellbeing. We hold to the principle that the healthcare provider is the surest way to optimal health.


To provide the ultimate in nutritional products combined with superior education, to foster success for our providers and health for their patients.

Made with pride in Wyoming

where business is still done on a handshake


Our dedication to you, the health care provider, is absolute. You deserve our personal best in service and support