Supportive Function:
Exspore is a highly potent formula containing caprylic acid along with supporting nutrients such as citrus seed extract, garlic, goldenseal, coenzyme Q 10 and others. Additionally, the formula is boosted with supplementation of friendly bacteria, making this an ideal choice for people who wish to maintain a healthy environment in the gut.

Each Tablet Supplies: Caprylic Acid (Medium Chain Triglyceride) 250mg, Citrus Seed Extract 7.5 mg, N-Acetyl Glucosamine 7.5 mg, Pau D’Arco (leaf) 12.5 mg, Tillandsia (plant) 12.5 mg, Thyme (herb) 10 mg, Basil (herb) 10mg, Goldenseal (root) 5 mg, Cloves (flower buds) 7.5 mg, Aloe Vera (leaf) 12.5 mg, Beet (root) 12.5 mg, Cinnamon (bark) 12.5 mg, Garlic (bulb) 25 mg, Oregano (oil) 1 mg, Co-Enzyme Q-10 500 mg, Niacin 2.5 mg, enteric coated Lacto Bacillus Bulgaricus and Lacto Bacillus Bifidus 5 million units, Molybdenum (as chelate) 25 mcg, Manganese (as chelate) 1 mg, Zinc (as chelate) 5 mg, Black Walnut 10 mg.

Product ID: 1532F 
Vegetarian: Yes
Quantity: 60 Tablets
Suggested Dosage: 1-2 tablets 3 times daily

Contraindicated in pregnancy. Large doses of coenzyme Q-10 can reduce the effectiveness of anticoagulant drugs such as Coumadin, however 1 mg is not significant enough to produce an interaction. High doses of garlic and pau d' arco are contraindicated with Coumadin because they potentiate it, however, smaller doses should not be a problem.


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