S.O.D. Lozenge

Supportive Function:
Superoxide dismutase, catalase, and glutathione peroxidase are the dominant free-radical-scavenging enzymes in the body that build our antioxidant defenses against the harmful radicals.

Chewable Lozenge Each Lozenge Supplies: 1,250 units (equivalent to 350mcg of Elemental SOD) Super Oxide Dismutase, minimum 3900 units Catalase, minimum 1,250 units Glutathione Peroxidase in a specially prepared natural Peppermint flavored Fructose base

Product ID: 1490 
Vegetarian: Yes
Quantity: 60 Tablets
Suggested Dosage: 1-2 tablets 3 times daily

No known contraindications.


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